Our Process

Our Process

Flood season now lasts all year long, in every country, for everyone. Coastal cities along the United States Southern border have experienced 500 yr and 1000 yr flooding events every year for the last decade. Numerous countries around the globe stated that 2022 was the worst flooding they had seen in their country’s history, and the situation is only going to get worse.

FRF has developed a process for identifying regions in most need of flood-rescue training, then we provide free training grants for those departments and agencies.

RAise money

We raise money from individuals, estates, organizations, and institutions to pay for first responder flood rescue training. Without our help and your donations, they simply don’t have the resources to train.

identify regions

We seek out states and regions that are affected by the recurrent floods that accompany hurricanes, tidal surges, and rain storms. Climate change and changing rain patterns have brought flooding to all.

Provide Grants

We work with multiple organizations to bestow training scholarships and grants to individual first-responders and entire departments to cover all associated costs related to flood-rescue training.

free training

Our goal is to provide free, safe, clean, and realistic flood rescue training to all first responders before they are called into action and expected to perform those rescues in the real world.