Training Programs

Flood Rescue Foundation provides free, safe, clean, and realistic flood rescue training to first responders across the country. Our programs save lives and improve regional disaster resilience.

Flood Rescue Training Facilities (regions)

FEMA Grants Resources page lists resources where First Responders can obtain grants for a range of needs, including firefighter grants, emergency medical service grants, and pre-disaster mitigation grants.

Flood Rescue Training Grants (teams)

BJA NTTAC provides technical assistance on a wide-variety of topics to improve the knowledge and skills of justice professionals by assessing a state, local, tribal agency’s request for services and matching the best provider.

Flood Relief & Rescue Programs

Flood Rescue Training Scholarships (individuals)

There are a number of IAFF training programs that are eligible for grant funding. These documents will assist your department with completing the application and provide many of the necessary narrative details.