Scholarship Program


Flooding is getting worse every year all around the globe, but access to realistic flood-rescue training is limited. First-responders are forced to train in local pools and creeks with no vehicle. Funding to take flood-rescue training is hard to come by and the death rate among our brave men and women has climbed to 31%. River training is dirty, exposing our first-responders to amoeba-filled waterways. Additionally, river training is deadly, having taken the lives of Department Chiefs during daylight training in three separate US States (2022).


  • Limited access to realistic training
  • Inadequate funding to take training
  • Outdoor training is too dangerous


Flood Rescue Foundation believes that first-responders shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety for money by training in swimming pools and deadly creeks. Working with heroes like you we can provide training full training scholarships to individual first-responders and eliminate the cost of
training for them completely. Indoor flood-rescue training facilities offer the safest, cleanest, most realistic experience for first-responders without the risk of infection, injury or death.


  • Provide accessible flood-rescue training centers
  • Eliminate all costs for first-responder training
  • Indoor flood-rescue training is realistic and safer


Flood Rescue Foundation provides training gift cards that are good for the full cost of 1-day training at any indoor flood-rescue training center. Follow these steps to receive and redeem your training gift card today.


Give Gift-Cards to indoor flood-rescue training center.


Training center takes Photograph of you (team) after class.


Center mails Gift Card and Photograph back to FRF.


FRF returns payment to Training Center for equal value.

2-day training will require sending (2) Gift-Cards per person.

Value must fall within 20% of the national average price.